Quality Policy


Arconvert S.A. is a manufacturer of self-adhesive materials and producer of a wide range of papers and films specially designed for the labeling industry.

The robust quality policy of the company is based on its strong relationship with the employees with its annual quality and R+D+I objectives, which are the backbone in the process of continuous improvement and innovation of the company. The cohesion and teamwork inspired by the ethical code of our group are the measure of the effectiveness of our products and the basis of our customer service.

Company Management is committed to promote this Policy and Objectives to increase the awareness, the motivation and participation of all of us and to strengthen the principles that guide the Quality Policy, R+D+i, FSC™ and PEFC that are specified in the following points:

• The Directive Committee is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 and a I+D+I management system according to the UNE 166002:2014 regulation and the certification of the chain of custody of forest based products according to the requirements established in the FSC-STD-40-004 and PEFC 2002:2013 regulations.

• The Arconvert S.A. Quality Management System has to guarantee that its product and service meet the demands and requirements of our customers and other interested groups.

• The quality and innovation have a deep significance and our way to achieve it is through continuous improvement as a key element to satisfy the needs of our customers.

• Management will commit the resources needed to guarantee the correct development of the quality, innovation and chain custody (FSCand PEFC) systems.

• The Company Management is committed to provide the necessary resources to guarantee the quality and innovation of the product and service.

• The Company Management is committed to fulfil the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our sector.

• Our suppliers of goods and services are also our partners in the progress towards the maximum effectiveness in our quality and innovation system.

• All our people share and participate in achieving our annual quality targets.

• Quality is everyone’s business and each person is responsible for their quality (Non-compliance of the Quality System requirements have direct implications in the System).

• The good image of our company and our group dignify us constantly and identify us with the values for which we stand.


Clemente Porras

7 de Noviembre del 2018

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